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KeyData consultants come from diverse backgrounds, with team members bringing significant experience in their areas of expertise. The diversity of our team is our strength with each team member bringing unique perspectives and backgrounds to their roles.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies expand and grow their business analytics capabilities. As a client focused company, KeyData consultants believe strongly that building relationships with our clients paves the way for success, both now and into the future.


``Canstar has enjoyed a great partnership with Key Data who have been instrumental in helping the Canstar team evolve one of our key B2B product offerings. Key Data’s high level of expertise in Tableau was evident from the outset as they were able to help us solve complex problems right from the start.

What really built a strong foundation for the partnership was Key Data taking the time to understand our company and product development requirements. This ensured that our product transformation to incorporate Tableau was completed successfully. As Canstar continues to grow, we are looking forward to working with Key Data to build out our data capabilities. We recommend Key Data to other companies looking to innovate and transform their data capabilities.``

Lynne Cawley
Canstar Chief Operations Officer

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