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Key Data Consulting are experts in Data Discovery for Business – transforming raw data into useful and meaningful information. We use analysis and analytics infrastructure to help businesses evolve and succeed.

We are experts in Business Analysis: we help businesses to see, understand and use data in context to learn more about their clients, business processes, and business assets. We’ll help you identify organisational needs and determine the best solutions for your business.

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From trainingconsultancy services, and software partner reselling; through to the complete DataDNA service– we help businesses find new savings and opportunities through data discovery, organisational and process dashboarding, management and analysis.

Our clients are supported to access operational information and display data in the most intuitive formats. We can help you to understand and use your data to make your business more efficient.

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We’ll take care of all your data needs, no matter how big or small.

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We are experts in the products we partner with and provide advice and support across the full range.

Client Feedback

“We got really good, easy to follow advice. It was obvious the consultant knew the product inside-out.”

“Our experiences was that of a really professional consultant, able to engage, receptive to our ideas, and a clear communicator. I don’t know how our experience could have been any better.”

Fundamentally it’s a process of reverse engineering. You start by asking questions about your business you wanted to be answered, and KDC finds a way to answer them which coincide with solving data management issues.

Joe, Realty Industry client

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