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Australian Real Estate VISUALIZATION example


Here is an example of a viz I created using data from real estate sites in Australia, it is out of date so please don’t use it for current research but shows how information can be used to quickly identify high yielding areas based on specified type of real estate, bedrooms bathrooms etc. You can also specify the minimum yield you are interested in and have only those suburbs show up. I produced this using Tableau Public.

Australian Real Estate VISUALIZATION example2013-11-30T11:51:36+10:00

Opening Blog – please provide feedback


Well here goes, our first blog, In this I hope to demistify the nerdy side of turning back end operational data into strong management information.  In these posts I plan to include:

  • Various Analytics tools and techniques
  • Data Warehousing
  • More traditional Business Intelligence
  • Scorecarding
  • Balanced Scorecards (whats the difference you may ask)
  • The multitude of techniques and terminology used to do this
  • Examples and links to other blogs I find valuable by myself and others
  • Other topics will be guided by your feedback and what I feel is topical

Key Data Consulting’s role is to make operational data powerful business enablers, to be as effective as possible on this I hope to use this blog to provide informal education that helps readers and clients to understand how this can be done, where we can help we appreciate that opportunity but it is equally to help readers interested in this journey.
As such please provide feedback via comments or email on what you would find valuable, I welcome and value any suggestions.

Opening Blog – please provide feedback2013-11-29T11:52:12+10:00