9 Analytics Predictions – Big Data?


This article from www.information-management.com was interesting for its predictions, main items that perked my interest were:

  • Businesses will continue to shift focus from individual analytics professionals to the formation of effective analytics teams.
  • Companies will move past the hype surrounding big data and seek to embed analytics in business processes to align with core organizational goals.
  • Organizations will increasingly use analytics to develop new products and services.
  • Vendors will increase their focus on operationalizing and managing analytic models.
  • Adoption of analytics as a service will accelerate.

These items reflect growing industry maturity, especially moving past “big data” hype, depending on the definition this simply refers to “stuff we couldn’t do yesterday” but can today if we have the latest tools and techniques, to me “big data” is marketing hype rather than operational reality, quite happy to say we have been doing big data on this basis for so many years its laughable.