Government Data Free For All



Government OpenData Initiatives are becoming incredibly valuable and the Australian Governments at all levels are becoming increasingly aware of the value of making data openly available to the public.  The logic is they cannot afford the effort required to analyse and data mine for nuggets of information gold.  So by making the information openly available to data geeks we can do that and the best nuggets will find their way to those that can best use them.
The available data is enormous and huge amounts of it are really valuable for businesses, social groups and of course government organisations.
To help this the GovHack 2014 OpenData competition will run from July 11 to 13.  New OpenSource data will be released by the Australian Government(s) on June 3 @ and the competition runs Friday, 11 July 2014 to Sunday, 13 July 2014 in various cities around Australia.
To join the action or see what data is available follow these links: on Twitter
On our Free Resources page we have a series of links to various free data sets including several Government data repositories.