Dragon Boating Data Visualisation example


In early September I competed in the 2014 Dragon Boating Club Crew World Championships, my team (Manly Dragons) went pretty well (1st of 22 teams in Australia), as a data geek I was interested in analysis of the results to better understand how my team went with much stronger insights than the official results website allowed.

I approached the IDBF (International Dragon Boating Federation) and am grateful that they have provided data for the results (Thanks very much guys). I then used a combination of Lavastorm and Tableau to make the data much more user friendly and easy to interpret.

For Dragon Boaters I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to share the link with other Dragon Boaters

For data geeks, clients and anyone interested in how I did this, I welcome inquiries and questions about the technology, tools and techniques I have used to develop this.  I have an ongoing interest in using data generated in my sport to help our team and demonstrate how powerful transformation of data into intuitive, meaningful insights can be.  This data is public domain, my sport allows me to do this without concerns about client confidentiality.  I have some fantastic vizualisations in the pipeline of applying science to sport!

Keep watching this space for more examples.




Link to Viz

Photo by Cameron Martin