Tableau on Tour Presentation – Sports Science: Using Multiple Disparate Complex Data Sources to Win


Last week I presented at the Tableau on Tour conference in Melbourne, my topic was “Sports Science: Using Multiple Disparate Complex Data Sources to Win”.

Truth is I am not a sport scientist but wish I was, this stuff is just fascinating and has the advantageous sideline of forming the basis for those potential clients asking about what we can do for them with their data, it allows me to show capabilities without compromising anyone’s private data, it also means I don’t need to explain business processes etc, people just get sport but have to think much harder about foreign business processes. It makes it easy for me to add value to our club as a data geek / sports science wannabe!

This is based on our dragon boating club and how we are collecting and using data to fine tune and shape our technique and training routines.  There is some material that would ideally have the advantage of words I use during the presentation to add context, if you hit one of those feel free to email or comment and ask!