Is the Sunburnt Country Burning Up?


At KeyData, we are passionate about using data to understand problems and share information.  Analyst Sam Gillespie has created an interactive visualisation using data available from the Bureau of Meteorology to help illustrate what is happening at temperature stations across Australia.  Using this infographic, you can explore how temperature varies across Australia, and see how it’s changing over time. Check out some statistical analysis of the trends to work out just how much the temperature is changing across the face of the country.

With Tableau, making interactive visualisations is a breeze.  Explore Australia’s temperature data below!

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Tableau named Leader in Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms’


Key Data is proud to partner with Tableau – one of the Leaders in the Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms’. Tableau has remained in this quadrant for 6 years in a row – leading the way for their ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Tableau is a complete, easy-to-use analytics solution for companies of all sizes – from startups and global enterprises. Continually innovating, in the near future they are bringing in such technologies as natural language processing, and data transformation capabilities.

Tableau makes ‘talking to your data’ easy and enables users to answer questions at the speed of thought. Download the full Gartner report here.

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New face at Key Data: Sam Batchelor


Here at Key Data we are expanding our horizons and would like announce that Sam Batchelor has recently joined the team.

Sam has moved from Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and son, and brings a wealth of knowledge around data and especially Tableau. Previously at Fonterra as their Data Analytics Manager, Sam enjoys working with people to make sure that they can get the most value from their data.  Sam has a wealth of experience in large organisation Tableau and Analytics enablement which beautifully compliments our offerings.

Sam is very excited to meet our clients in Brisbane and looks forward to the longer months of good weather available in the “sunshine state”.

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Key Data Consulting wins the Tableau’s 2016 Services & Training Partner of the Year Asia Pacific Award


I am incredibly proud to announce that Key Data Consulting has won Tableau’s 2016 Services & Training Partner of the Year Asia Pacific.

With over 200 partners in the Asia Pacific region the award recognizes our team’s performance and achievements in helping customers to see their data differently, using Tableau.

In the past year, we have delivered a blend of services and training to customers throughout Asia-Pacific and beyond, including India, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United States and almost every State in Australia. This accolade shows that our efforts, expertise and approach are making a real difference to our Tableau clients.

We work hard to differentiate ourselves with our experience, deep understanding and service offerings over end to end Analytics platforms including sourcing data from raw data sources to ETL to Data engines and Data Warehousing, Best Practises in Data Preparation, Visualisation and of course the Tableau front end.  This allows us to offer Tableau services & training within the broader organisational context of how to get the very best from Tableau’s fantastic capabilities.

Receiving the award at the annual APAC Partner Summit was a great honour—and a strong motivator to continue our focus on delivering best-of-breed analytics solutions to all KDC clients.  We are ecstatic with the award!


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Viz of the Day – Congratulations Sian!


Thrilled to hear Griffith University’s Policy Innovation Hub has been awarded Viz of the Day on Tableau Public!

A big congratulations to Sian Robinson et al from everyone here at Key Data Consulting! Sian’s work visualised the Queensland electorates using census data. It is difficult to get an appearance on Viz Of The Day as it is selected globally and you have been using Tableau for about 3 months! I’m happy to have been able to help get you started with Tableau and this project.


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Open Data Viz Starter


This coming Wednesday 25 May 2016 the Brisbane Tableau User Group have an Open Data competition vizfest (lets just get people building viz’s).

Here are some resources and examples to make creating an Open Data Viz super easy!

Some suggestions:

  • It all starts with the data,
    • If you want to include maps tableau recognises postcodes and LGA’s “out of the box” (for LGA use Geographic Role = County)
    • Look for deep narrow data – instead of lots of columns look for lots of rows
  • You can connect to the sources below and publish to Tableau Public using the freely available Tableau Public client or Tableau Desktop
  • I have put a very simple quick video below

Here are some great Open Data sources about Queensland:

Non State Schools Accreditation Board

Education Statistics and Information – Enrolments

Department of Housing and Public Works

Qld Health – Preventative Health Survey Results

State Library of Queensland Open Data Portal

Department of Natural Resources and Mines Data

plus several other great links below

Remember to publish the viz and get the url link to place in the meetup notice board.


BTUG Open Data

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Our size, services, and reputation are growing!


Tableau Partner Summit 2016

Our size, services, and reputation are growing!

It’s still early in the year but already I have plenty of news to share.

Firstly, I was thrilled to discover Key Data Consulting was one of only three Tableau Partners nominated for Services Partner of the Year at the 2016 Asia Pacific (APAC) Summit.

The nomination at APAC recognised our small team’s excellence in delivering Tableau powered solutions and training for our customers, not just in Australia but across the whole Asia-Pacific region.

I was excited to attend the summit, meet other Tableau Partners, and access previews of next-generation programs. I was even more excited when I learned we’d been nominated for the 2016 Asia Pacific Services Partner Award!

The nomination shows just how quickly we’re gaining a positive reputation in our industry. It was truly humbling to see our name up against some of the industry giants including the winner, RXP Services.

Recognition at APAC came just after I learned we’d been successful in our bid to become an approved Panel Member for the provision of ICT services to Queensland Government agencies.

Panel Membership puts us in the best possible position to help government agencies harness the full potential of their data. I’m looking forward to developing new working partnerships with government this year.

Last but not least, our size and services are growing! Our analytics services are expanding as our team is growing too. Stay tuned to find out who’s joining the KDC team and our new service offerings in the very near future!


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ODIQ – What a year!


The Open Data Institute of Queensland had its first Annual Celebration and review in December combined with a “Data as Art” Exhibition.  I was sad to have missed this event as I was overseas but enjoy supporting this organisation.

In the past year Key Data Consulting have supported ODIQ behind the scenes and as a Lunchtime Lecture presenter, we plan to continue this close association as Open Data moves more and more to become an essential element for Business, Government and Personal interests analysis.

I have included links to ODIQ’s first annual report and website below.  If you are Brisbane based and looking to get the most from your data. . .get involved!

If you need help in working out how to best use open data for your business then we can help. Simply get in touch!

ODI7052 2015 Annual Report Final

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How to get good at Tableau – in 8 easy steps


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I get a lot of people asking me how they can become good at using Tableau. It’s a rapidly growing market and it’s natural to want to keep up with the latest technology.

If you want to fast track your Tableau learning curve here are my top tips:

  1. Find something you are passionate about. It needs to be something that has a good amount of available data. A lot of the subjects people are really passionate about have publicly available data, e.g. sporting data. You can use Open Data released by governments simply by searching ‘subject name’ and ‘data’. See what comes back!  We recently had a member of our User Group present on the TV show “Survivor” using data off Wikipedia and the internet, he was passionate, he had put in the effort and it was fascinating!
  1. Get Tableau. If you have Tableau Professional or Personal, that’s great. If not, download Tableau Public (it’s free). You can publish your discoveries about your passion to the world on Tableau Public.
  1. Subscribe to Viz of the day– the examples aren’t always perfect, but some are fantastic. Viz of the day can give you a great idea of how other people are using Tableau. There is a huge variety of ways that people attack data issues so when you see a good or interesting Viz, download it and look at how the author created it.
  1. Get familiar with and use the Tableau online learning tools, these are first rate.
  1. Go to a publicly available Tableau training course. These are excellent, well thought out classes. Training can take you to a higher ability level very quickly.

Extra tip: If you buy the product and use it frequently in the month before the course, you’ll absorb more useful information at the course. Don’t waste your absorption capacity on basic stuff!

  1. Read up on Stephen Few’s tips on Visual Design at Or even better, attend one of his excellent courses.
  1. Join your local Tableau User Group. If you can, present the work you did on your chosen topic of passion. You never know, your enthusiasm might be contagious! It is ALWAYS more interesting listening to someone talk about a topic they love. I am lucky I have several to choose from where I have done deep analytical analysis.
  1. Stretch yourself. Focusing on a subject you love makes it easier to reach a deeper level of thinking and to find time for data discovery. You will find yourself stretching your learning further with ease.

For myself, I have been lucky to have had a string of topics I am passionate about. Each has taken me to a new learning level as they required a subtly different approach to get the best insights from the data using Tableau. The broader your experience, the more you have to call on when a new question arises.

Lastly, if you only do one thing, find something you’re passionate about and apply it to Tableau. Oh, I already mentioned that!


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Open Data Institute of Queensland here we come


Next week on Thursday at Lunchtime I have been invited to do a demonstration using Tableau Public with Open Data Sets to show people how Tableau can be used for understanding available free data at the ODIQ Lunchtime Lecture Series.  I have been to several of these events and they are great for those who want to understand and explore what can be done with Open Data sets.  If you would like to come along you can find out more and register here.  Also tomorrow Neil Gladwin of the DSITI website will be presenting about Qld Govt Open data, this is also well worthwhile if it fits your schedule!

Its quite a busy week, between a number of private engagements on Wednesday night I am also hosting the Brisbane Tableau User Group at River City Labs, at this event I have JJ Phillips the CEO from Alteryx ANZ having a Q&A about Alteryx, what it is and how it can be usefull with your data issues, also some presentations from our broader user group on how they are using Tableau, these are great nights, if you would like to come you can get details and register here!

So that’s next week. . .busy, this week I am in Papua New Guinea teaching an oil company how to use Tableau with their data, I love my work!!

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