Data Warehouse

Build, automate & govern your businesses data assets

Trust in your reporting requirements is critical.

Relying on excel? Non governed data? Propagating mistakes? You need a single point of accessible truth.

+85% of DataWarehouse projects fail.

Covering all fronts in a complex implementation can be challenging. The methodologies we use engages with stakeholders and deals with risk upfront.

Making it simple using industry leading tech

Managing handover, documentation, automation and all the complexity it involves made simple, that’s the power of KeyData x WhereScape.

Engaging stakeholders throughout the journey

Work with our Data Warehouse Experts to define and build your central source of truth.

Collaborative Design

We listen to stakeholders point of view and align to processes so we can Collaboratively design the right data model.

Validate The Documentation

We make sure we've confirmed your requirements and expectations before starting the build.

Implement The Solution

Use of industry leading tools to quickly build, iterate and automate your data warehouse asset.

Support The Adoption

Pain free management, let us take care of the environment so you run your business.

Benefits of a Data Warehouse

Building centralised sources of truth for your reporting empowers your organisation to use data confidently. Bringing together data from multiple systems can provide your organisation with new insights and perspective on your suppliers, your people and operations, and your customers, accelerating your ability to unlock the value from your data assets.

We’ve helped clients from industries such as logistics, education and healthcare develop strategic data warehouses to meet current and future needs. Every organisation is unique, and that’s why our approach to data warehousing starts with the people. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help start your organisation build, support and leverage the benefits of a single source of truth!