Embedded Analytics

Leverage the power of analytics in your own application.

Embed Analytics, Anywhere!

Empower your customers and partners to make data-driven decisions with the power of embedded Tableau dashboards. By seamlessly embedding your dashboards into your web portal or application, you can provide your customers and partners with the ability to have the self-service analytics they want directly in one platform. Benefits of embedding Tableau include:

✓ Being able to take your product to market quicker.

✓ Flexibility to Innovate your product faster.

✓ Reliability of enterprise-grade security and scalability.

✓ A platform to monetise your data.

✓ A tailored customers experience.

✓ Empowered customers, suppliers and partners.

Thanks to our Tableau expertise, there is no better choice of partner to work with than KeyData to help you embed your analytics where your customers and partners need it!

How We Can Help

Let our expert team help you to accelerate the development of your product and get your data to your customers and partners quicker.

Implement strong governance and security

We'll work with you to understand your needs and implement a governance and security framework that will enable your end users.

Move fast whilst enabling your team.

Let our team of expert developers work in tandem with your team to both deliver your product and provide an uplift in capabilities.

Locally based dedicated support team.

You'll quickly get to know the team that's supporting your project and understand the passion we have for supporting our clients.

Embedding Analytics Made Simple

By working with the team at KeyData, you’ll find the support you need for embedding analytics into your portals and applications. The value of data has never been greater and by working with KeyData we will enable you to  monetise your data assets regardless of the industry you are in or the data that you have.

Our team of experts can provide you with the right tools and approaches you need to help make the most out of your data. Whether you want to provide warehouse inventory data your suppliers, enable your franchisees to compare their performances or provide your expert insights and knowledge to your customers, embedding analytics into your web application or portal will enable you to monetise your data, faster.

 With experts in data security, data governance, Tableau design and performance, there has never been a better choice of partner to work with!