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We partner with WhereScape because we believe in the products ease of use and value. By automating the build of data warehouses, WhereScape provides users with the ability to rapidly prototype, load and populate data multiple times faster than any other platform and output detailed technical automated documentation. With ease of ongoing management and optimisation, more time can be spent with the business building greater and more accurate analytics!

At KeyData, our approach to Data Warehousing is based on a series of foundations that ensure project success by providing flexibility. Starting with an agile requirement gathering process called ‘model storming’ we make sure key business stakeholders are brought along for the ride.

The go to tool of choice for our Data Warehouse Practice team is WhereScape, specifically WhereScape RED. Designed to help prototype, develop and deploy data warehouses, WhereScape RED can enable your team to spend more time collaborating with stakeholders and iterating designs realising significantly quicker development time and reduced project risk.

Why we love WhereScape so much!

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