Kimball_Group_LogoThis week Ralph Kimball and the crew at Kimball Group announced their retirement effective this coming December.  Ralph is the thought leader for database star or “Kimball” schema’s that are so dominant in data warehousing models.  Cognos data modelling is almost purely based on Ralph’s ideas and tools like Tableau love the data structures he prescribes to work from.

I was lucky enough to attend his courses and that lifted my understanding of effective data modelling and troubleshooting to a significantly higher level.  Their website is an excellent resource for data modelling education and how to’s, one I will hate to see disappear.

Sad to see you go Ralph, I hope the Kimball Group & Margie manage to stay on in some shape , there is to much good stuff to lay it all down for good.  Doing my best to stick to the grain and it helps, good luck in retirement!